Lee Blanchflower

Working as an independent Freelancer Photographer based in the UK, I travel extensively, providing concert, portfolio material and festival imagery for a number of respected worldwide press agencies and private clients. So why 99Probs Music Media? We have a great love for music and wanted a memorable name for what we love so much!

Who We Are

I’m a huge believer in fate, so what better way to begin a great career as a Professional Music Photographer and Videographer. Four years ago 99PROBS Music Media didn’t exist and Lee Blanchflower had never shot a band. A chance encounter on Facebook with my good friend and international drumming legend Steve Barney, led to spending some backstage time with ‘The Wanted’ and another impromptu photoshoot with a pretty much unheard of band called ‘Lawson.’ One magazine publication later and a number of locked doors opened for me as if by magic into the crazy world of ‘Three Songs, No Flash’ and a once in a lifetime chance to work in close proximity with some of the the greatest music artists on the planet.

I’m a huge Jay-Z Fan, so 99PROBs was a little homage to the man himself. Why create a brand based on pure Music photography? There’s a huge demand for Music based photography and Video, so my decision to form 99PROBS was nothing more than a natural progression. It was a great opportunity to offer (an in) to some talented photographers who otherwise wouldn’t have had the kind of chances that I’d be given. I have a select bank of Photographers and Video production was the next step. I run a commercial Digital Image Agency called Blanc Creative and we produce Commercial Film, so I looked at the options to offer independent bands the chance to create inexpensive videos produced by a creative team.

Phil Shaw

Great images aren’t just about the subject, right? I have been an editor, graphic designer and digital media guru for twelve years and have a massive portfolio of clients all over the world. I am responsible for the smooth running of all things digital for 99Probs as well as making sure all those great photos are make it to your screens!